5 Reasons to Buy No Medical Exam Life Insurance as a Senior!

No exam life insurance offers protections to those that are harder to insurer under standard policies. We present you 5 reasons to buy no medical exam life insurance as a senior:

Accounting Series - Reviewing Tax Booklet1)     In many cases is the only available policy for seniors.  At a certain point in life, you become harder to insure. This happens when you reach a certain age and traditional companies feels that it is no longer safe to provide insurance, because you are approaching the limits of human life expectancy.

If you do not want to feel discriminated based on you age, apply for no exam life insurance. Even so, you will not be accepted if you have more than 80-85 years old (some companies go to 90 years).

2)     No exam life insurance provides coverage for people with a pre-existing medical condition. Being old and suffering of a disease is certainly not a favorable combination for anyone seeking life insurance.  Again, you can try your luck by applying for no medical exam carriers.  If you do not suffer of a terminal disease or HIV/AIDS, there is still hope for getting accepted as client.

3)     You will no longer have to wait too long for an answer.  No exam life insurance is processed really fast, typically in a couple of hours.  You no longer have to wait several weeks and be stressed during all this time.

4)     Companies selling no exam life insurance offer a large variety of plans.  Depending on your medical condition, age and personal selections (length of the policy and amount of coverage), you will be presented with multiple policies and plans.  You can get from 5 years no medical exam term life insurance to permanent life insurance policies.

5)     No medical exam life insurance quotes will help you find really affordable policies. Comparing prices is the key for any successful shopping and this is also available for any life insurance policy.

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