Can You Buy No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Seniors?

You can buy no medical exam life insurance for seniors. In fact this is the recommended policy for many old citizens. No exam life insurance has higher tolerance towards senior citizens. They can qualify easier and faster and they will benefit of full protection. No exam life insurance policies were designed to specifically support the needs and goals of elderly.

happy_senior_coupleStill, each individual is unique and presents certain features, needs and goals. We recommend you to compare policies before applying for any of the numerous policies available on the market.

Once you hit 50 years old, the chances of getting life insurance get lower. Things get even worse when you have 65 years and you do not have a policy.  This is the typical retirement age and most traditional insurers are afraid to provide coverage for people beyond this age.  You will be regarded as a bad investment from their perspective.

So, if you do not want further complication, stress and hassle, you should apply for no exam life insurance. Even so, each company has an age limit. This limit varies for each company, but is situated in the range of 89-90 years. This is more than enough, since are pretty rare the cases of people at 85 years old asking for life insurance.

Underwriting is very simple and the whole process takes place in only several hours. All the stress generated by waiting will be completely eliminated.  Also, if you can bring medical documents, this will remove a part of the uncertainty regarding your condition and will help the insurer determine a fair price.

As always, if you want to shop smart, you should compare prices and benefits first. Now, this thing is easier with the help of the internet. Online quotes will help you save money and detect all local insurers.

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