Who Should Buy Life Insurance Without Medical Exam Required?

Life insurance is no longer considered a luxury service, suitable only for the rich people. The common folk desires for the same degree of financial protection.  Life insurance is not an ordinary service, but rather a valuable investment which will protect your loved ones and their income.

Insurance2However, qualifying for life insurance requires some prerequisites. Certain age, health and income limits are imposed by each insurance provider. In some cases, buying life insurance becomes almost impossible under standard selection requirements. In this case, no exam life insurance will become the only available option. Read more about who should buy life insurance without medical exam required.

No exam life insurance has the most easiest and flexible qualification requirements. Presenting detailed medical exam results will no longer be necessary. Although, some companies will ask for medical records and most companies will distribute medical questionnaires to any potential client.  This will help the company calculate a fair premium price. Not disclosing any medical information will make the prices go higher and higher.

Now, let us talk about who is eligible for no exam life insurance. Virtually, almost everyone is eligible, except people in terminal condition or extremely old. So, a busy person or a person who cannot undergo medical exams due to his religious beliefs (yes, some religions forbid their members to undergo blood exams) is now eligible for life insurance. Smokers can also easily qualify for life insurance without having to feel guilty about their habit.

A series of chronic diseases are tolerated by no exam life insurance providers: asthma, bronchitis, TB, pneumonia and so on. Former cancer patients are also eligible. As you can see, plenty of people can now become insured under no exam policies. You just have to look to the right place.

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